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June 15, 2009 at 12:00 am Comments (0)

“Pro-life” Murderer of Dr Tiller Deserves a Life Sentence

Its incredible that “pro-lifers” who decry abortion as murder have the gall to murder a dedicated physician performing legal abortion. This pro-life murderer makes a mockery of the pro-lifers stance. Women who seek a late term abortion from a trained physician are very desperate and an abortion may be needed when serious birth defects are diagnosed in the fetus or occasionally to to save a mother’s life. Drs. like Tiller are committed to giving women the right to choose and perform a vital service.

Dr Tiller was shot, threatened, his clinic was vandalized and yet despite informing the authorities nothing was done. What is wrong with our existing laws and regulatory bodies that have been established to protect clinics and staff against violence?

Fox News television was spitefully calling “Dr Teller baby killer.” News reporters should be held responsible for inciting violence. They should be held accountable for their lies. Its very sad there are hatemongers who take the law in their hands. More enforcement of regulation is required to stop this violence and murder.