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May 29, 2008 at 7:37 pm Comments (0)

Part II: Ban Drug Companies “Gifting Corporately” to Medical Schools and Schools of Public Health

The drug companies here are in control of medical education.  The AAMC has recognized there is a problem and have recommended that medical schools shun device makers and drug companies freebies.  Their report will hopefully be adopted by the governing board soon and the recommendations taken up by the medical schools.  The 40 US schools of public health far have done nothing.  In fact Johns Hopkins Public health residency has a grant from Pfizer for $15000 for public health education.  In the first invite to these public health grand rounds the invite says, “With support from Pfizer, Inc.  Refreshments will be served.”

It is a real no no. When I asked about it I was told it should not have said this it was a mistake. I hope it will be corrected.

I will keep you updated!