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October 26, 2008 at 8:16 am Comments (0)

Needless Deaths and Suffering of Chinese Babies from Melanine in ‘Infant Formula’

When will women learn that there’s no substitute for breastfeeding? Everyone needs to understand that if you want the best for for your infants, just breastfeed!

In the past few years there have been 70-odd recalls of the so-called ‘infant formula’ (in reality a risky mix of chemicals without immunological protective factors).  There is now an epidemic of kidney stones and deaths in Chinese infants due to what is believed to be excessive amounts of melanin added to milk to allegedly increase protein content of milk.

The FDA says 2.5 ppm is the most that can be safely tolerated by humans. Is this also the case for infants and why do they need melanin at all?  It is outrageous that the melamine levels found recently in Chinese dairy products were astronomically high — as much as 2,500 ppm.  Why it had to be added in the first place is worrying and why the FDA cant just say it should not be added at all is not clear.  Melanin is not an essential nutrient for infants and is clearly harmful.

If you know anything further on the issue, do comment.