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July 29, 2008 at 3:34 pm Comments (1)

Food and Nutrition Security Course 2009 Objective??

Fanie de Boer, Weningnen Institute course director, said in response to my inquiry re the course for Food and Nutrition Security Conference 2009’s questionable funding from Nestles Foundation. “We are quite aware of one of our very good facilitators, the distinguished Professor Gebre Medhin of the University of Upsala, has a seat on the Board of Nestle Foundation. As you are probably aware the Nestle Foundation is an independent institute with funding of Nestle.”
But here is my question: Can the Nestles Foundation [i]really[/i] be separate from Nestles Corporation and promote breastfeeding while Nestles Corporation (its majority sponsor and namesake) is trying to expand its infant formula sales?


  1. Dr. Naomi Baumslag at July 29, 2008: