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May 26, 2008 at 2:25 pm Comments (1)

Estrogen-imitating Bisphenol-A

Dangerous biphenol leaks out of cans and plastic baby bottles according to (ewg) environmental working group.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in nearly all U.S. food cans.  Unsafe amounts were found in one out of every 10 servings of canned foods and one out of every 3 cans of infant formula.  BPA can interfere with reproductive and neurological development. 

In addition to eating less canned food in general, here are some tips for avoiding BPA:

  • Buy powdered baby formula, meant to be mixed with fresh water, rather than liquid formulas from cans. Or buy liquid formulas in plastic containers, which leach less BPA.  Better yet: breastfeed.
  • Although soft drink cans have been found to pose less risk from BPA, choose water, juices and sodas in glass or non-leaching PET (#1) or HDPE (#2) bottles instead.

BPA leaches more readily from acidic foods such as tomatoes and fruits.


  1. Kristen Nutile at May 29, 2008:

    I didn’t realize that BPA was found in cans too. (And I thought I was keeping up on this issue.) Thank you for this post!