About Murderous Medcine

Murderous Medicine underscores how the German medical profession was critical to the murder of Jews, Slavs, and gypsies on an industrial scale. Although Germany had the most ethical codes pertaining to human experimentation, it was German doctors who defiled them and conducted heinous experiments on prisoners for fun, personal experience, and worked with the drug companies for financial gain. They even sold skulls , skeletons, and tissues of the victims to German medical schools — a thing so gross that its inconceivable. The so-called science experiments were carried out not only by German concentration camp doctors but by professors and senior public health doctors from leading German medical schools and schools of public health.

Aside the experiments being horrendous and inhumane these doctors were a disgrace to the medical profession. They lied and concocted false results on an unheard of scale. They practised an apartheid medicine. It was known since 1909 that lice carried typhus and to prevent epidemics of typhus lice needed to be eradicated not people. They had public health training and instituted measures to protect SS staff against the disease but created conditions in the concentration camps that promoted the disease for genocide. Nothing good came from their experiments. Most of these doctors were not convicted for their crimes against humanity but were allowed to go scot free, their licenses were not revoked and many took senior jobs and even went on to publish the results of their unethical concocted experiments on victims.

The International Red Cross vans were used as part of the deception for moving those deemed to die in the subterfuge that they were being taken to the baths for delousing but were being taken to gas chambers. The whole killing apparatus was deceptively hidden as delousing baths with mock showers in the merciless gas chambers.

The International Committee of the Red Cross had been established for protection of war prisoners and civilians in wartime. They were aware of the atrocities being perpetrated in the concentration camps and didn't even utter a word of protest. We know they didn't protect Jewish soldiers or civilians from the atrocity which was their mandate. We know that Max Huber, the President of the ICRC, was profiiting from an ammunition factory in Germany using slave labor. (The extent of the complicity of this so called neutral body with the Nazi machine is not known.)

The ICRC in WWII period failed in their humanitarian mission.

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