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baumslag ( is Dr. Naomi Baumslag’s website featuring public health, medicine, and ethics for all people. It contains her personal weblog filled with articles about breastfeeding and other issues.

Dr. Naomi Baumslag is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Georgetown University Medical School and President of the Womens’ International Public Health Network. She is an expert in public health and has been an advisor to many international agencies. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa she obtained her MD at the Witwatersrand University Medical School, Johannesburg and her MPH at Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, Baltimore. Dr Baumslag worked in clinics in South African townships and in the United States for under-served populations. She has written 15 books and over 150 journal articles. She has extensively researched the relationship of health professionals and human rights both during the holocaust and in apartheid South Africa and served on national and international human rights committees. Dr. Baumslag lectures widely both nationally and internationally. She now lives in Bethesda, Maryland, with her husband, Ralph.

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  1. Jackie Cooper at May 30, 2008:

    Hi Naomi,
    I already started a comment but must have accidentally pushed a key and it disappeared….Anyway, your essay documenting your family’s history in Shavlon was fascinating. I am grateful that my family left much sooner…in the late 1880’s and 1890s. My father’s family name was “Fribush” but I suspect that it is derived from the first name Feivel, Feivish, or Fybush. His mother was also from Shavlon and she was a Jacobson..or Yankelowitz and she also was related to the Calmenowiz family as well.
    My cousin, Linda Millison, will surely call you to get your recommendations regarding her trip in September to Lithuania and Latvia.
    It was great to talk to you.

  2. Kenneth Bagwell at July 15, 2008:

    Hello Dr. Baumslag,
    I recently read your article “Tricks of the Infant Food Industry” on I cannot heal the world’s ills or arrest the criminals involved. But I can do what is right for my family. My wife and I just had our child born 3 months prematurely this morning. Thankfully, at this time the child does well. Should I be concerned that the hospital will soon infuse the baby with some kind of manufactured “formula food”, or will they use mother’s milk as the food preference? I am afraid the hospital may tell me that this frail child is going on infant formula, although my wife has no problems producing milk. Should I be concerned, according to your experience? Thank you very much! -Ken

  3. Dr. Naomi Baumslag at July 16, 2008:


    Thank-you for asking me, and congratulations on your new baby! I urge you to let your pediatrician know that your wife has plenty of breastmilk and that you want to use it for your baby – ask your pediatrician for “expressed breastmilk” from your wide. If s/he says that infant formula is needed, ask him why, and possibly find a new doctor. Please let me know what happens in regard to this issue!

    All the best,
    Dr. Naomi Baumslag

  4. Gail Andrews at February 2, 2009:

    Hi Naomi
    I have been thinking a lot about you recently – i would love to get in touch with you. I am in DC and will be here untill 9 Feb.
    Have to see you so please let me have your contact number/s.
    As always, respecting you for the way your books and working with you has helped me grow both personally and professionally.
    Gail Andrews
    South Africa

  5. Maria at March 8, 2009:

    Dr. Baumslag,
    Do you know what the relationship between Mead Johnson ( makers of Enfamil infant formula) and Johnson & Johnson are? I have been trying to find a link between the two, maybe you can help me.
    Thank you, Maria

  6. Scott Christianson, Ph.D. at May 17, 2009:

    Dear Dr. Baumslag,

    I am an author and filmmaker who is very interested in your MURDEROUS MEDICINE book, particularly your mention of Hans Zinsser, typhus, disinfection, zyklon, and other topics. I have a book due out soon from the University of California Press about the history of the gas chamber, and I am also writing a documentary film with a German director about some of this. Might it be possible for me to speak with you on the phone for a few minutes sometime at your convenience sometime during the next 2 weeks?
    Thanks and best wishes,

    Scott Christianson, Ph.D.

  7. Kathryn Rouse at February 20, 2010:

    Dear Naomi,
    What a beautiful and interesting website. It looks like you have had a very interesting and worthwhile career. Thanks for sharing the info about HALF THE SKY.
    Take care,
    Kathryn Rouse

  8. Wendy David at June 13, 2010:

    Will there be a updated/ revised edition of Milk, Money, and Madness? I loved it and would like to know how some of the statistics, politics,.. have changed since 95.

  9. Niki at September 5, 2010:

    are you on facebook?

  10. Thomas Braun RPh at April 5, 2011:

    Hi! Do you know they are substituting Splenda for sugar in baby formula??
    Read my article at
    Front page left side. Will be up in a few days. I can email it to you also.

  11. Thomas Braun RPh at April 5, 2011:

    Thomas A. Braun RPh
    There were three Johnson brothers in the late 1880’s.
    Two stayed to start J & J who now sells Splenda (sucrolose) into 1000’s and 100’s of food products and one left to start his own business..ala..Mead Johnson.

  12. Barbara at February 17, 2012:

    Dear Dr.Baumslag, my son who I feed solely breast milk is turning 6 months and being a very heavy boy, he is ready for more. I read that soft boiled egg yolk and finely grated organic liver should be given to support the now increasing iron and cholesterol demand. Anxious to do the wrong thing as this is a unusual approach for first foods, I would like to know which researches support this advise and if it is safe. thank you very much!

  13. naomi at April 28, 2012:

    nestles bought pfizers sma for 11 million!