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misleading and exaggerated claims for iron

Cow & Gate Milk ad banned over iron claim

by Maisie McCabe, 22 September 2010, 8:47am

An ad for Cow & Gate Complete Care Growing Up Milk has been banned for misleading viewers about how much iron toddlers need to eat to prevent development problems.

Breastfeeding aids child brain development

IBFAN/BFLG New report: Breastfeeding aids child brain development



Patti Rundall

show details 3:15 AM (6 hours ago)

In case you didn’t see this article in yesterday’s Observer.  (page 25)

Breastfeeding aids child brain development, study finds  Babies breastfed in first four weeks are still outperforming their peers in school at age 14, according to new study

who allows working moms to breastfeed?

“Will we ever see this at Westminster? Working mother cradles her baby in sling as she casts her vote at EU Parliament”

WHO says the IRS has expertise on breastfeeding?

“I.R.S. officials say they consider breast milk a food that can promote good health, the same way that eating citrus fruit can prevent scurvy. But because the I.R.S. code considers nutrition a necessity rather than a medical condition, the agency’s analysts view the cost of breast pumps, bottles and pads as no more deserving of a tax break than an orange juicer.”