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In India the best midwife may be money

indias maternal mortality  rate 254death/100,000live births

more than half of all maternal deaths in 2008 wre n 6 countries india nigeria pakistan afganistan nd ethiopia and the democratic repub;icof congo

30 dollars or several weeks wages

rate 10times that of chinawhich has focused on improving rural health care

dying in childbirth results in broken familiesratwe in someprovinces like utarpradesh is twice the national averagein some areas a woman dies in childbirth every hourcash giveaway for mothers who deliver in hospital

who india is 71stout of 175 countriesheath caew spending in india to increase from1% to 3% at end of the yearto bring basic services to the 1.2 million most vulnerablehaving skilledmidwives in thailand based in villages  and srt lanka have made a dramaric differencethe program seems to be working in utar and bihar from 29 to 50 percent hospital deliveries