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Women’s International Public Health Newsletters Online

The Women’s International Public Health Network (WIPHN) was started in Mexico City for the women in public health and related areas. Especially, they wanted to have a newsletter to share resources, programs, concerns and sisterhood. Women from over 67 countries world-wide, with a wide range of expertise, contributed to the newsletter. Below are scanned versions of these newsletters for all to see.

In reviewing the material, I find it evident that we have still have a long way to go, especially in maternal and infant health. Violence against women, maternal deaths due to lack of maternity care, infectious diseases, AIDS, and TB are all still rampant. Whist there is an International WHO/UNICEF Code for marketing of breastmilk substitutes, the infant formula companies still make millions with what is a mostly unnecessary product. Progress has been made in that we now know that infants on mixed feeding breast and formula have a higher transmission of HIV than those exclusively breastfed or exclusively formula fed. The refugee problem is increasing and few inroads have been made on poverty and malnutrition.

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Corrupt governments and corporate greed have increased poverty and malnutrition. Handouts don’t help but income generating projects and the Grameen bank have helped raise some women out of poverty. This plus education and universal access to health care will go a long way to creating change.

Please send your comments and any information on new effective programs and ways to move forward.