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Is Father’s Day really about honoring dads? More like honouring getting business.

NOTE:  Although the timing of this article is in regards to the celebrations of Father’s Day in the US, the spirit is international.  So, non-US readers: this really is for you, too.

We as a people like “Relative’s Days.  As a people we have Mother Day and Father’s Day, Grandfather’s Day and Grandmother’s Day, etc.  And, as a people, we have accepted these days into our society, and now many feel that, without purchasing gifts they are being disrespectful of family.  That, however, is simply not so.

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Make Maternity Safer

In  the United States, a woman’s risk of dying during child birth is 1 in 3,000.  For women in developing countries, it’s 1 in 16. Read the rest of this article…

Nursing Homes can be Deathtraps?

Recently I was made aware of the terrible situation in some costly nursing homes where people are sent for short term rehabilitation.  These centers can be terrible.  Allegedly there is an unavailable doctor and people are left without adequate quality care.  When trying to take a relative out of one of these places the family were told they could not do so and were threatened with big bills which they said medicare would not pay if they took the relative out without their permission.  The cost per night of this one “home” was about $267.

In the above mentioned case, the patient deteriorated in the institution but on return to his home he became alert, happy, ate his food, and was able to walk without the cane the home insisted he use.  A few more days there, I suspect, and he would have become bedridden.  

I hope that others have not had such experiences and haven’t any idea how people needing short term rehabilitation could check out these so-called “nursing homes” before loved ones are made worse instead of better.  Please inform me of any similarly horrid experiences and how one might get a better outcome using the comments.  (Click on discussion above the title of this post.)

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