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Bad Idea: Award for Doctor that was previously Nazi and SS Member

Dr. Hans-Joachim Sewering, a previously-Nazi doctor, aged 92, and past member of the SS has just been honoured for having “performed unequalled services in the cause of freedom of the practice and the independence of the medical profession, and to the nation’s health system,” according to a press statement by the German Federation of Internal Medicine (the BDI).

He was suspected of carrying out Hitler’s euthanasia policies according to Der Spiegel  by sending approximately 900 children to their death in a euthanasia centre. Because of this (and his SS record), when he was nominated in 1992 as head of the World Medical Association he was forced to withdraw. Now 16 years later the German Federation of Medicine has given him an award.

It is outrageous that only a handful of the Nazi doctor perpetrators were ever punished or even had their licenses revoked and many rose to high positions in the medical establishment. The medical establishment needs to take action and punish, not reward, perpetrators such as “Dr.” Sewering.

Origins of Family

Family and family history is important to many people, including me. Many of our families emigrated from their birth place for freedom and opportunity. There is a ton of information in archives and local communities that can help one not only find members of one’s family tree but how they lived in small villages or big cities.

For example, I was able to find some of my mother’s family history through visits and research. (If anyone is interested in the process or about my personal research, or want a copy drop me a line through the comments on this publication or through email-weblog at baumslag dot com.)

Part II: Ban Drug Companies “Gifting Corporately” to Medical Schools and Schools of Public Health

The drug companies here are in control of medical education.  The AAMC has recognized there is a problem and have recommended that medical schools shun device makers and drug companies freebies.  Their report will hopefully be adopted by the governing board soon and the recommendations taken up by the medical schools.  The 40 US schools of public health far have done nothing.  In fact Johns Hopkins Public health residency has a grant from Pfizer for $15000 for public health education.  In the first invite to these public health grand rounds the invite says, “With support from Pfizer, Inc.  Refreshments will be served.”

It is a real no no. When I asked about it I was told it should not have said this it was a mistake. I hope it will be corrected.

I will keep you updated!

Breastfeeding Policewoman in China

It is really incredible what can stem from disaster, and how kind people can be.

See for how an amazing policewoman is breastfeeding orphans of the recent Sichuan earthquakes.


Estrogen-imitating Bisphenol-A

Dangerous biphenol leaks out of cans and plastic baby bottles according to (ewg) environmental working group. Read the rest of this article…