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Site Link Structure Update

Site UpdatesJust a quick note: this website’s URL is no longer based at – although that still works, this weblog and the three pages attached to it can now be found just at (drop the live) for easier access.

And don’t worry about it if you don’t understand/care about the above message… you don’t need to.

–baumslag web design

Breastfeeding Weblog You Might Be Interested In

A good friend of mine, Dr. Miriam Labbok, has a very interesting weblog about breastfeeding issues.  You might be interested in it: check it out at

Nestles is Expanding Into the US Formula Market

Nestles recently bought baby-food giant Gerber, Inc. As if this isn’t enough they are now planning to purchase Bristol Meyer-Squibb (a nutrition products company). This will include Mead Johnson. Which basically means that, if it goes through, Nestles will own 2 of the 4 major producers of US Formulas (leaving only Ross Laboratories and American Home Products standing as alternatives).

A Note About Illustrations in Milk, Money, and Madness

I have received requests from many people to have permission to use illustrations in Milk, Money, and Madness and my other publications for various good causes. Unfortunately, I do not own most of these illustrations, and therefore the copyright laws make it necessary to get permission from the variety of sources who actually do own it.

If you want to use an illustration in my book, follow these steps:

  • Check the source on the specific illustration!
    • If it says Naomi Baumslag then you need to contact my publisher’s copyright editor, Clare Cox, at (203) 226-3571 x3278.
    • If it doesn’t, you need to contact the source listed beneath the illustration. These illustrations are from various sources and had to be paid for separately.

I’m sorry but that is that: I’d like to let you use these illustrations for a good cause, but I just can’t!

Leakage of Bisphenol from Plastic Baby Bottles and Infant Formula Cans

Bisphenol has been found in in plastic baby bottles and leaking from infant formula tin cans and can cause serious health problems so much so that it has been recommended mothers use glass bottles instead of plastic ones. What to do about the danger of bisphenol leaking from cans of infant formula is another problem as yet unsolved.